Spoon-Bending Magician Uri Geller Gives Nintendo Permission To Make Kadabra Pokemon Cards Again

Spoon-Bending Magician Uri Geller Gives Nintendo Permission To Make Kadabra Pokemon Cards Again

Completely Onyx-pected.

THE ABRA LINE – Pokédex Review 026

Let’s look at the magician Pokemon that represent the Psychic type: Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam!

Uri Geller article: https://www.thegamer.com/uri-geller-nintendo-permission-kadabra-pokemon-cards/

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Pokémon’s $100 Million Lawsuit With A Magician

Pokemon cards are everywhere! They’ve become a popular toy, collectible, and even investment. But there’s one card that Pokemon can’t print anymore, and it’s all because of a lawsuit with a spoon-bending magician. Uncover the mystery of this ridiculous case, and the reason this Pokemon card can’t be printed!

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*KADABRA IS BACK* Uri Geller gives Nintendo permission to print him on Pokemon cards!

Today its all about the return of Kadabra! Its been 20 years since Uri Geller sued Nintendo, and now he is apologised and has informed the public that he has given permission for Nintendo/Pokemon to print Kadabra once again. This is great news for pokemon fans as he was missing for wayyy too long. Having him completes the evolution line from Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam. The future is definetly interesting, and I think the very first Kadabra to be printed will be very high in demand, collectable and therefore investable. Potential future sets will contain him as a full art or rainbow rare version, or pokemon might just focus on giving us finally a complete evolution form just as they did with Base set and Topps pokemon cards. The last few times we saw Kadabra was in sets like Base set, Base set 2, Legendary Collection, Expedition, Team rocket and Skyridge!

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