Driveclub is a racing sim for the PlayStation 4 focused on highly detailed cars and social racing teams.

Gran Turismo 7 vs Driveclub Rain Effect Comparison

Gran Turismo 7 vs Driveclub Rain Effect Comparison

GT7 Chase Cam 00:00
Driveclub Chase Cam 02:28
Chase Cam Side-by-Side 04:43
GT7 Cockpit View 07:00
Driveclub Cockpit View 09:22
Cockpit View Side-by-Side 11:46

Both games captured on PS5.

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DRIVECLUB on a PS5™ / PlayStation® 5 in 4K HDR is absolutely NUTS

Some of DRIVECLUB’s Best Sounding Cars recorded on a PlayStation 5 in 4K HDR Part 1! Everything captured with the Atomos Ninja V (the best capture card on the market, proved by IGN! ( ) Enjoy!

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Time Marks

00:00 Intro
00:22 DriveClub’s PS5™ Graphics Cinematic
04:23 Ferrari 599XX Evo
05:19 Audi Sport Quattro
06:02 Let me know!
06:10 Koenigsegg One:1
07:02 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
07:38 Lamborghini Huracan
08:18 AMG GT3
09:06 Nissan 370Z Nismo
09:37 Ferrari FXX K
10:18 Gumpert Apollo Enraged
11:10 Bentley Continental GT V8
11:56 Ferrari F40
12:39 Aston Martin V12 Zagato
13:14 McLaren P1 GTR
14:04 Mercedes-AMG S 65 AMG Coupe
14:34 Renault Alpine A110-50
15:14 Spiker C8 Aileron
15:53 McLaren F1 LM
16:42 Motorstorm Buggy “Wombat Typhoon”
17:28 Chevy ZR1 Continental Ed.
18:06 Renault R.S. 01
18:46 BMW M3 GTS

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Playthrough [PS4] DriveClub – Part 1 of 6

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Developer: Evolution Studios
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
– NA: 7 October 2014
– EU: 8 October 2014
– UK: 10 October 2014

Driveclub vs GTSport | Direct Comparison

Direct visual comparison of Evolution Studios’ “Driveclub” and Polyphony Digital’s “Gran Turismo: Sport” – both being played on the PlayStation 4 Pro and captured using a 4K Capture Card.

Special thanks to Thrustmaster for providing the T300 RS Racing Wheel used in this video. If you’re looking to upgrade from your gamepad – you can check out the wheel here at the following link:

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