Star Wars: Rebel Assault Cheats For PC Macintosh Sega CD 3DO

Star Wars: Rebel Assault Cheats For PC Macintosh Sega CD 3DO

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Mega-CD Longplay [045] Sol-Feace

Played by: Valis77

Come on guys you know you wanna say it. Other than that, this game is alot of fun. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Star Wars: Rebel Assault Cheat Script

I wrote a script to utilize the game’s inbuilt cheats. Due to horrendous controls, the game is nearly unpayable. You talk a ton of damage in a second, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.
Official cheat for this game is to press Numpad+ in order to nullify the damage you’ve taken. But as it goes, you would have to keep pressing Numpad+ continuously, every second. And that’s what my script handles. Now the game is pretty easy instead of being unplayable.

If anyone wants it, you can download the compiled script here:!pUUl1Q5J!KPaRr9vBwZVvK8uXoak8-uuwc_BcSWHkNcdkzRf8gns

It works as a game launcher. Just put it in your game folder and run. Compiled for GOG release of the game!

After you activate the cheats by “drawing” the cross with the mouse (check official cheats, it’s there), you can press F1 to enable my script, and F2 to disable it at any time.
Also, you can use F9 key to instantly close the game. Properly close, not terminate the process. This key sends “close” command to DISBox window instead of just terminating the process. So consider it a quick quit key.

I made hotkeys work only within game (DOSBox) application, and only when it is in focus. So when you minimize the game or switch window, you can press F1/F2/F9 keys all you want without them affecting the game.

P.S. Yes, the script requires admin rights because it interacts with game application. This is unavoidable.

Star Wars: Rebel Assault – SEGA CD / Mega-CD (1993) ‘Longplay + Ending & Review’

While certainly not the best Star Wars video game ever released, ‘Rebel Assault’ definitely had its fair share of memorable moments / redeeming qualities nonetheless. As any SEGA CD aficionado can attest (especially when this game dropped), Rebel Assault pushed boundaries that were otherwise impractical in the 8-16 Bit eras. In fact, this was essentially the first Star Wars title to use both actual footage and music from the film(s). In due time, other (more superior) versions of Rebel Assault eventually made their way onto the Panasonic 3DO and PC.

As the aspiring pilot ‘Rookie One’, you’re tasked with learning the ropes through Beggar’s Canyon and other various training missions, before ultimately taking on the wretched Empire in more intricate levels – and make no mistake, the difficulty can be downright unnerving at times. At any rate, the overall core game-play consists primarily of shooting TIE Fighters, AT-AT’s, and other enemies while flying X-Wings, A-Wings, and Snowspeeders… along with a smidgen of on-foot (third person) Stormtrooper combat for good measure.

Without a doubt, Rebel Assault categorically remains an influential precursor (and nostalgic gem) to all the outstanding Star Wars games we’ve had the privilege of playing in more recent years (e.g. The Old Republic / KOTOR, Battlefront, and The Force Unleashed franchises).

FGF – Star Wars: Rebel Assault – Part 1

Woo! Star Wars Rebel Assault is a rail-shooter that was released back in 1993. The graphics may be horribly dated, but the gameplay is still comparable to arcade games of today (when you’re not crashing into giant crystals for no reason).

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