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Fire Emblem Fates Deals

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【COVER】Lost in Thoughts All Alone – Fire Emblem Fates【Ophelia Midnight x Nova Aokami】

❖ Vocals – Ophelia Midnight, @Nova Aokami Ch. [VReverie]
❖ Video – Ryamal
❖ Time/Tune/Mix/Master – SoundWeebJay
❖ Art – eva02marina0

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Sky – KFP Helicopter [K0569]
Lia’s Toothbrush
Davian Thule -Blood Ravens Dreadnought
Vernon Crowe [EN VTuber]
Spiritual Onesie
Backbeat Highway
Duke Vual

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Viewers paid $2000 to kill all my characters in Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

The definitive version of my Fire Emblem Fates Lunatic Birthright Kill My Units playthrough! It covers both attempts. Hope you all enjoy it.

Compilation playlist:
Summary Playlist:
Livestream Playlist:

I will be playing an Ironman challenge run of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright on Lunatic Difficulty.

To spice things up, I will allow some DLC as long as I’m not using it to grind resources. I’m thinking along the lines of recruiting Anna or maybe even some class changing items.

The KMU (Kill my Unit) Bounty is a variation of the more common PMU (Pick my Unit) challenge run, where outside parties pick the units that the player uses. Instead, here, there will be periodic votes, randomized picks, and donations to decide which units I will *not* use, more specifically, by killing the unit. These deaths will last for the duration of that particular attempt. I’ll try to refine and codify the ruleset according to viewer feedback, this is very much experimental as of now.

In Ironman runs, I am not allowed to reset the game, use savepoints, or save states. Each action or occurrence is as a result, permanent. Any characters that die will remain dead for the rest of the run, and if I lose the game, the run is over. If I fail the run and need to restart, I will begin at the Branch of Fate, meaning I will not need to replay chapters 1-6. Characters that died or were voted off will no longer be dead if this happens. Play SNES games online instantly! Skip the wait and jump right into the action. Play snes online game and enjoy hassle-free gaming with instant access platform.

If there is any excess donation on that character, or the character did not actually die because they were not yet recruited, this will carry over to the next run.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I pay to save people?
A: No

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Viability of S-rank Legendary Weapons in Fire Emblem Fates

in conclusion play revelation and use generics because they benefit the most from this garbage
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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:22 Why they’re bad
00:04:16 When they can be useful
00:05:27 tl;dr

Dirty Deeds (usually murder) Done Dirt Cheap: Fire Emblem Fates Skill Tier List Pt 2 w/ Zoran

Yo what up. This is the Hoshidan promoted skills in Fire Emblem Fates. Zoran and I are going to rank them according to how good they are. Hopefully you like it!

Zoran’s Channel:

My Discord:
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Music used (in order):
Ikoroshia – Danganronpa 2
Alight – Fire Emblem Fates
Steam Gardens – Super Mario Odyssey
Dusk Falls – Fire Emblem Fates
Queen’s Gardens – Hollow Knight
Corridors of the Tempest – Fire Emblem Three Houses
River of Despair – The Binding of Isaac: Repentance
Dark Wastes: Fire Emblem Fates
A Way of Life (Atsushi Kitajoh Remix) – Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night
Map (Prologue) – Fire Emblem Heroes
Pixelmon Waltz – Chris Geddes
No Justice – Fire Emblem Fates
Beautiful Lie – Danganronpa V3
Past Light – Fire Emblem Fates
The Frozen Land – Chris Geddes
Divine Decree – Fire Emblem Awakening
Eternal Bond – Smash Ultimate / Radiant Dawn
Jake’s Theme – Advance Wars Dual Strike
Conquest – Fire Emblem Awakening
Contest of Pride – Fire Emblem Fates
Woleb Tsap – Fire Emblem Fates

0:00 Intro
1:13 Dragon Ward
4:11 Hoshidan Unity
9:05 Draconic Hex
11:55 Nohrian Trust
15:25 Astra
19:53 Swordfaire
24:17 Seal Strength
26:50 Life and Death
29:57 Profiteer
35:14 Spendthrift
39:43 Golembane
43:16 Replicate
49:12 Lethality
52:17 Shurikenfaire
54:35 Deathblow
57:33 Counter
1:03:11 Salvage Blow
1:09:41 Lancebreaker
1:13:05 Seal Spd
1:16:15 Lancefaire
1:22:17 Rend Heaven
1:28:33 Quixotic
1:31:54 Rally Magic
1:34:03 Tomefaire
1:38:22 Renewal
1:42:15 Countermagic
1:44:24 Rally Speed
1:44:36 Actually we’re talking about Warding Blow first
1:47:01 Rally Speed
1:50:18 Air Superiority
1:54:00 Amaterasu
1:58:57 Lag gets immensely aroused (Certain Blow)
2:06:35 Bowfaire
2:09:47 Even Better / Better Odds
2:15:00 Grisly Wound

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